When you are first setting up the app, you're going to want to import any existing lists you have. The easiest way is to import your contacts from a spreadsheet.

If you have don't have any contacts, you can start by clicking "I have a spreadsheet" on your dashboard.

Alternatively, you can go to Settings and click "Upload Spreadsheet".

Next you will need to make sure your spreadsheet is in the proper format.

There are a couple requirements for proper importing so you don't get errors:

  • The first row must be labels for your columns
  • Each column label must be unique (e.g. you cannot have two columns labelled "Name")

Here is an example of a properly formatted spreadsheet:

That's it! Once you have your spreadsheet formatted properly, browse to find the file and click "Submit".

When you are back on your Settings page, you should now click "Import Configuration".

This will bring up a new window that looks like this:

You will now need to match up the columns in your spreadsheet with the columns in our database. The labels on the left are the available options for our database. You can see in the screenshot that I have already matched the Name column and am choosing a column for Phone #. Do this for all the columns you want to import.

One important note - for columns that are switches (anything that has a question mark) will be taken as true if ANYTHING is in the cell in your spreadsheet. This means that to get a false answer, your cell needs to be empty.

We recommend filling out as much data as you can in your spreadsheet BEFORE you import. This will save you a lot of time updating it in the app. 

When you have chosen all of your columns, click Continue. If the columns look good click import - this will import the contacts into your app.

You should now have contacts!

If for some reason something is messed up or you want to update your spreadsheet and try again - you can Delete Imported Contacts from your Settings. CAUTION!! If you have imported other spreadsheets this will delete all contacts imported from those too. We recommend only deleting imported contacts if you are just getting started otherwise you may lose your data.

If you are still having trouble - please submit a ticket and we will help you get back to prospecting!

Mike Harrison

Founder & CEO